It has been two years since the pandemic started, and several employers require remote workers to return to the office. According to a Gallup survey, 26% of full-time workers worked exclusively from home in December 2021. Some of these workers will be returning to the office at least a couple of days a week. This is due to advances in prevention and treatment, improved safety measures, and an overall decline in cases.

As of late, most remote workers do not feel safe returning to the office. This means that making sure your employees feel comfortable is a high priority. There are a few safety measures that companies should take. These include health screening procedures such as temperature or swab checks, following mask mandates, and instilling social distancing measures. It has also been a request from several employees to have hand sanitizing stations around office spaces. However, the best investment you can make is hiring a professional commercial cleaning service.

A professional cleaning service will help to ensure that all office spaces are cleaned and disinfected correctly. Consistent cleaning of office space makes sure that little germs are around to cause infection to employees. Cleaning services must be as constant as possible in today’s current state.

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