Sustainable commercial janitorial services are more than environmentally-friendly — they’re people-friendly too. By utilizing products like green-certified sealed-air chemicals, equipment like ProTeam HEPA-filtration vacuums, and efficient cleaning processes, we’re able to not only reduce waste and harmful chemicals but keep our clients’ properties cleaner than ever before.

At My Cleaning Service, we’re fully committed to green cleaning and environmentally-friendly operations. From our supply chain to our training methods, our goal is to create the healthiest, most productive facilities possible for our clients. We do this by minimizing adverse impacts on the environment due to cleaning products or processes, and by eliminating more dirt and germs through more efficient cleaning processes and equipment. Our commitment to green cleaning includes:

Highly-Efficient Cleaning Equipment

Our commercial janitors use highly-efficient equipment to remove more dirt from the environment with less use of chemicals. ProTeam HEPA-filtration backpack vacuums capture 99.97% of particles .3 micron or larger in the air, flooring, and furniture, for a healthier environment for our clients. Microfiber cloth is used to reduce water consumption and chemical usage by trapping more dirt in the cloth that is not released until rinsed. We use microfiber floor mops to trap more dust and dirt than a regular mop. The bucket and wringer systems separate the cleaning solution and rinse water to keep soil out of the cleaning solution where it can end up back on the floor.

Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning Agents

We utilize cleaning agents that are Green-certified by the independent environmental group Green Seal for a reduced environmental impact. Our cleaning agents include all-purpose cleaners, window cleaners, and lavatory cleaners from the Sealed Air Diversey Care line of Green-certified cleaning products.

Our floor finisher and stripping solution emits extremely low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during the scrub and recoat procedure while maintaining a bright shine. Green chrome and stainless steel polish is a healthier alternative for elevators and lavatories that protects elevator doors and bathroom towel, soap, sanitary napkin and toilet tissue dispensers from dirt and fingerprints. We use paper towels and toilet tissue that are 100% recycled fiber with no virgin fiber that are free of processed chlorine, dyes, inks, pigments, or fragrances. These paper products also biodegrade or break down faster after use than a regular tissue.

Environmentally-Friendly Processes & Training

Perhaps the biggest step we take to ensure our commercial cleaning services are truly Green is in our training methods. Our employees are continuously trained using three manuals:  Standard Operating and Procedure Guide, Sustainable Cleaning Products and Materials, and Low Environmental Impact Cleaning Policy.

These manuals outline procedures which minimize adverse impacts on health and the environment while eliminating more dirt through more efficient cleaning. For example, we use a color-coded system to ensure the each of our microfiber cloths is used on the correct surfaces, avoiding cross contamination. Chemicals are mixed using a dilution control system, and the product is sprayed directly into the microfiber and not on the surface where it can be released into the air.

Beyond our employee training and cleaning methods, we’ve taken steps to make our entire operation more environmentally-friendly. Every aspect of our operations, from our distributors to our use of solar-powered warehouses is designed to reduce environmental impact. We’ve even consolidated our method of delivering supplies to the job site through drop shipping, which reduces energy and gas usage for deliveries.

My Cleaning Service offers commercial janitorial and post-construction cleanup services throughout Maryland, Washington D.C., and Northern Virginia. Looking for a commercial janitorial services company that’s serious about Green Cleaning? Contact us at 410-889-0505 or request a quote here.