Other Services

Worker pressure-washing walkway

Regardless of whether we are pressure washing a deck, cleaning a cubicle on the 10th floor of an office building or scrubbing the interior of a house in preparation for an estate sale, we remain committed to doing thorough, high-quality work.
Our hard-working, adaptable staff provides myriad, labor-intensive services for a variety of customers on a regular and casual basis.  We are the provider of choice because of our reputation for high standards and ability to get work done with accuracy and on time.

Similarly, My Cleaning Service is known throughout the Baltimore area for cleaning and sanitizing spaces using environmentally-responsible methods and products.

There are tangible differences between janitorial service companies. If you would like to experience excellence, please contact us.

Moving and Estate Cleaning Services

Our moving and estate cleaning services include cleaning and sanitizing houses and apartments. Our staff for this service is carefully chosen to provide sensitive, caring services to families when they need it most, such as when cleaning out a home after a loved one has passed away. Moving and estate cleaning services include:

  • Removing and disposing of junk contents
  • Thorough cleaning of entire interior and exterior of structure
  • Apartment/corporate housing cleaning
  • Power-washing decks, patios, siding, sidewalks, etc.
  • Deodorizing carpets, drapes and other fixtures and fittings
  • Shampooing Carpets
  • Periodic “touch-up” cleaning during home sale and settlement periods
  • Installing air movers, dryers, and dehumidifiers to remove moisture from basements, etc.

Pre and Post Event

Like most people, we love a party!  But unlike most people, our favorite parts are cleaning up before and afterward!  There is little mystery why pre- and post-event clean-up are some of our most popular services.  In fact, the leading reasons why most people don’t host more events are the hassles of preparation and recovery.  Why not hire My Cleaning Service to help?  We will step in and clean & sanitize your event space before the event and return afterward to help you restore your space to normal. Our pre- and post-event services include:

  • Setting up and breaking down tables, chairs, area carpeting and pipe and drape
  • Arranging decorations and other materials
  • Dust, dirt, grime, and debris removal

Additional Services

Additional services include, but are not limited to:

  • Power-washing
  • Moving merchandise and restocking shelves
  • Snow clearing of walkways
  • Window washing