Your home should be a safe space for you and your family. Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces in your house will help lessen the spread of germs and bacteria. This is especially essential when someone in the home is sick. you can prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses, and more with the correct cleaning strategies. We must accept that when we interact with the outside world, you will bring home germs through dirty hands, shoes, clothing, and phones. 

There are many tasks that you can incorporate daily to help keep your home clean. These tasks include washing your hands, wiping down commonly touched surfaces like doorknobs, countertops, and light switches. You can use soapy water and an all-purpose cleaner with a cloth on most of these but avoid using the solution on any electronics. For electronics, use an alcohol-disinfecting wipe. These isopropyl alcohol wipes can be used on cellphones, keyboards, and remotes. 

Cleaning and disinfecting are two different things. Cleaning means that you are just removing the bacteria, but there is chance of regrowth. Disinfecting means that you are killing the bacteria in a way where it cannot regrow. Disinfecting areas of the home correctly is a tedious process but is necessary to protect yourself and your family. A major area of focus is the kitchen. The kitchen often has several countertops or surfaces that are frequently touched. These hold the germs that are from our hands and the bacteria that comes off food, which can lead to foodborne illnesses. Popular items to use to clean these surfaces are Clorox wipes or Clorox Liquid Bleach. Try to focus on surfaces, lights, appliances, and cabinet handles. All these surfaces should be cleaned daily, especially after food preparation. Major living areas throughout the home should also have a focus. These include living rooms and sitting areas. Focus on pillows and upholstered furniture with a disinfectant spray. Don’t forget about end tables, doorknobs, and any light switches in the area as well. 

Another major area of concern is the bathroom. There are many small things to consider keeping up with the cleanliness of a bathroom, such as changing hand towels and toothbrushes regularly. Toothbrushes should be changed every time someone gets sick. Don’t neglect disinfecting the bathroom counters, tub, shower, and floors. The bathroom is exposed to the most bodily fluids and therefore should be cleaned and disinfected often. Don’t forget to clean the toilets which can be done with a variety of toilet bowl cleaners. As far as bedrooms, it is important to disinfect any furniture there may be and clean any pillows or linens. Fabrics can be

washed in a disinfecting detergent.

Keeping up with the cleaning and disinfecting of your home is undeniably time consuming but is necessary to keeping you and your family safe. It will prevent the spread of germs and illnesses within the home, and you will feel at peace knowing that your home is sanitized.