It is extremely important to choose a janitorial company to protect the health and safety of
employees, clients and others who visit your business. No matter the size of your company,
choosing the right janitorial provider can be stressful. It can be difficult to narrow things down
to what fits your business’s needs.

It is important to consider certain criteria during your search. Janitorial services are labor-intensive.
Quality providers take great pride in their workforce and product. The best way to know
the true reputation of a company is by testimonials, references, and word of mouth.
It is a good sign if other businesses within your industry are using a certain service.

Pricing is another factor when choosing a janitorial service. A fuzzy or hard to understand
pricing structure shows that a company may not know how to accurately price their services. At
other times, it may be an attempt at hiding extra charges.

A good janitorial service will generally consider a few factors when pricing. The first is the
facility, such as an office, retail space, industrial center, hospitality, medical office,
manufacturing centers or one of the many other options. The classification of your property will
determine cleaning specifics. The finishes of your floors will also require different maintenance
procedures and practices. Sometimes, janitorial services will include consumable products
within their quote. These products include hand sanitizers, toilet paper, soap, hand towels, and
other supplies, which will impact the price, but may also be desirable. And, of course, the
frequency of service will impact the pricing. Communicate what services you are looking for.
This will help the provider to give you an accurate price estimate and is important to ensure that
you and your cleaning service are on the same page. And remember, it is typically worth it to
invest in quality cleaning rather than paying less in the short-term for a poor-quality job.

Both of you have a commitment to health and safety. This is especially relevant if your business
has a lot of foot traffic, as the risk of transmitting diseases such as the common cold, the flu,
and Covid-19 is higher. Ensure that you know who to contact when there is an issue or if there is
a question you need answered. Choose an appropriate medium for the communication. While
face-to-face communication is recommended, it is not always possible, especially in large
businesses. Remember, communication is a two- way process. Communicate with your janitorial
team about any concerns that you may have.

Lastly, look for professionalism within a business. Without professionalism, the deliverable may
be unreliable or inconsistent. Professionalism is a lot more than wearing nice uniforms and
being polite to create a good image. Cleaning isn’t just about dusting, mopping, or sweeping. It
is a skill that needs to be taught. Without proper training, the cleaners may offer substandard
work. It is important to hire a company with trained, knowledgeable, and dedicated staff. There
is truly no one size fits all for janitorial services. Choose a service provider that can customize a
cleaning and maintenance schedule that works for your business.