Friday #FlushFact Get Flushd!

For today’s Friday #FlushFact, we have news so interesting, so innovative, and so important

that we thought we should dedicate a blog post to our announcement!

Did you know there is an app that uses your GPS location to tell you where the closest public restroom is?

Well, your prayers have been answered.. Let us present to you:



Not only does the app guide you to the nearest bathroom,

it also allows you to set preferences to find the nearest bathroom that suit your needs.

On the app’s website the creators claim:

  • Have a bathroom emergency? Let us guide you with the push of a button.
  • Eco-minded and trying to find a bathroom with a waterfree urinal? Done
  • Are you a mom looking for changing table? We’ve got you covered.
  • Have specific bathroom preferences? Us too, we ain’t judging ya!

This app is so fun, it has replaced your old bathroom newspaper with your Facebook and Twitter feeds.

You can read about news, sports, travel, music, whatever you want!


If that’s not enough, Flushd lets you track your time spent in the bathroom during that visit and any stinky details you want to save!


Best of all, the app opens with a #FlushFact! Send us your favorite new #FlushFacts and we may feature them in our next post!

We are thrilled this app makes going to the bathroom more fun than ever!

Happy Flushing!image

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