Woman recyclingThe goal of MYGREEN, My Cleaning Service’s Green Cleaning and Training Program, is to create the healthiest, most productive facilities possible for our clients and the other occupants of their buildings.  Meanwhile, emphasis is put on minimizing adverse impacts on health and the environment due to the cleaning products or processes themselves. Employees are continuously trained using three manuals, Standard Operating and Procedure Guide, Sustainable Cleaning Products and Materials, and Low Environmental Impact Cleaning Policy.

My Cleaning Service, Inc. offers a selection of Green Cleaning products and services with the Green Seal of Approval. Green Seal is an independent, nonprofit organization that sets environmental standards and awards a Green Seal of Approval to products that cause less harm to the environment than other similar products, giving every client the opportunity to be MYGREEN.

Green Cleaning is a method of cleaning an area with products and procedures that are “environmentally preferable.”  MCS uses equipment that releases less volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are harmful to the environment and people.

Microfiber is one of the primary reasons Green Cleaning is so popular today. This novel material reduces water consumption, chemical usage, employee fatigue, and increases efficiency. With a hook-like action, Microfiber traps dirt in the cloth and does not release it until rinsed. MCS uses a color-coded system to ensure the each cloth is used on the correct surfaces, thereby avoiding cross contamination problems.

After chemicals have been mixed using a dilution control system, the product is sprayed into the microfiber and not released into the air. By reducing the amount of toxins in a work environment, companies receive higher employee attendance and performance rates.

MYGREEN Services:

Backpack Vacuums
ProTeam vackpacks are highly efficient machines that capture 99.97% of particles .3 micron or larger in the air, flooring and furniture. This system of vacuuming is more efficient to use, while removing more dirt than a traditional upright for a healthier workspace.
Basic Chemical Package
Includes all-purpose, window, and lavatory cleaners from Johnson Diversey Chemicals. All chemicals are mixed using a dilution control system.
Floor Finisher and Stripping Solution
This additional Green Seal Certified product gives floors the illuminated shine every building needs. This product emits extremely low VOCs during the “scrub and recoat” procedure, protecting the environment and your health.
Elevator and Lavatory Fixtures Polish
This chrome and stainless steal polish keeps the elevator tracks and doors safe from contaminated dirt and fingerprints. As a healthy alternative to other polishes, this green product will keep the bathroom towel, soap, sanitary napkin and toilet tissue dispensers attractive with a brilliant shine.
Microfiber Floor Mops
Trapping in more dust and dirt than a regular mop or cloth, microfiber lifts particles off the surface and does not release them until rinsed. The bucket and wringer systems separate the cleaning solution and rinse water to ensure the soil is deposited in the rinse bucket and not in the cleaning solution or back on the floor.
Color Coding for Additional Protection
Color Coded microfiber cloths (all-purpose, lavatory, dust, and windows) reduce the possibility of accidental cross contamination.
Green Seal Paper Products
MCS offers paper towels and toilet tissue that are 100% recycled fiber (no virgin fiber), processed chlorine-free products. There are no dyes, inks, pigments, or fragrances added. These paper products are eco friendly not only because of their recycled manufacturing, but also because they break down after use easier than a regular tissue.